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Digital Technology Projects

This section provides many ideas for pedagogical uses of new media tools and technologies that stretch beyond basic blogging. For instance, you will find lists of open-source resources and data to use in assignments for creating “mental maps” and “deep maps,” where students can engage in writing with their own relationships to spaces. The section also reviews some tools that let students hack or remix websites, digitally annotate images, and make timelines without having to use the whiteboard. One of the chapters give you an in-depth guide to using the powerful collaborative features that often go unnoticed or unused in the free reference tool Zotero.

  1. A Design Exercise: (re)Designing the Everyday
  2. Digitally Annotating the Graphic Novel: Digital Pedagogy Project
  3. Hack(asaurus)ing in the Rhetoric Classroom
  4. Online teaching with Slave Voyages Database
  5. Plug and Play Timelines
  6. Social Annotating and Skype: An Experimental Course Exchange
  7. Spatial and Mapping Pedagogy
  8. Take Time to Tinker With App Development
  9. Teaching with Zotero: Citation Management for Feedback and Peer Review
  10. This is not a programming class

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