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The digital presents new methods for creativity in our scholarly projects. This section features a series of innovative, interdisciplinary Creative Projects spanning a wide range of both topics and media. In thinking of digital pedagogy as a method, multimodal creative projects play a central role. By challenging our students to rethink the traditional categories of creative writing, we provoke writing and writers that enact new forms of creativity and rhetorical argumentation.

In the Creative Projects section, we find attempts at constructing more creative assignments, conversations about the importance of student-led innovation and the ways we can adopt creative writing and performance exercises to productively inflect our classroom activities. Representative examples can be seen in “Art as Communication: The Representational Challenge of Modern Art,” where we read a detailed recapping of a performance-inspired assignment that asked students to adopt historical persona to reenact a historical US Court trial; in pieces by Luther, Friedman, and Sullivan, we see how zines, zombies, and internet poetry (respectively) can be used to facilitate creative methods of learning.

  1. And THAT'S How You Ninja It... A lesson in creative writing
  2. Using zines in the classroom
  3. Creativity in the Classroom
  4. Group Project That Really Worked
  5. Researched Debate Assignment
  6. Zombie Survival Plan: Using Max Brooks's "World War Z" for the Teaching of International Writers
  7. a pedagogy (and poetry) of information overload
  8. Know Thy Selfie -- An Exercise in Selfie Reflection

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