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In-Class Activities

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Class time offers the opportunity for meaningful, useful and active student collaboration. In this section, we are addressing particularly useful assignments that can be done in-class. Practiced instructors here give us examples of in-exercises that address the following: making students understand technology neither as liberating or revolutionary but rather as designed for certain bodies; teaching the mechanics of good academic and prose writing by collaborative authoring tools and narrative prompts; as well as analysis of complex narratives through mapping techniques and collective annotation.

The section also addresses ways in which we can limit the stress and irritation that sometimes comes with miscommunication between instructors and students. The section contains examples of in-class assignments that can help make sure students understand email communication standards, syllabus expectations, and library services.

  1. Remix Pedagogy and Contrapuntal Reading
  2. 1st day of class
  3. Disability and Defamiliarizing the Smartphone: A Class Activity
  4. Email Instruction in First-Year Writing Courses
  5. Embodied Writing Exercise
  6. Game Pedagogy for Teaching Marx's Capital
  7. Group writing and revision exercise
  8. Lesson Plan for Complex Claims: Gaga Edition
  9. Literacy as Metaphor: Roleplay Activity
  10. Modeling Narrative Complexity and Collective Intelligence with Twin Peaks
  11. Syllabus Quiz at the beginning of a class
  12. Teaching Intertextuality in Practice
  13. Teaching Race, Gender, and Information Technologies
  14. The 60-Second Feeling - a day one exercise for learning with media
  15. Using collaborative annotation to develop creative writing prompts
  16. Using the Library Assignment
  17. Humility walk - experiential learning on empowerment, service, power, teaching

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