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Pedagogical Ethics For a Digital Age

Pedagogical Ethics For a Digital Age

Our latest forum is now live! This is an informal forum to discuss YOUR OWN experiences, as teachers AND as students. Undergrads, grad students, professors, and others involved with the higher ed classroom in 2012.

Pedagogical Ethics For a Digital Age

We are discussing questions such as:

  • If you've taught a class with a digital component, what tips can you offer? What lessons did you learn the hard way?
  • For those of you taking classes, what are the ways in which your professors are successfully using technology? How has that changed your conception of learning and your own engagement with the material? What could be done better? 
  • How have you established guidelines for coursework? 
  • How have these digital experiences changed your actuall classroom experience?

Everyone is welcome. You can jump into the conversation here


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