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HASTAC Intern's Thoughts On The New Website

There are so many great things to discover, use, and read on the HASTAC website.  First off you should definitely create your own account.  The importance of this is that once you are a member you can really immerse yourself in all of the exciting things the website has to offer.  You can make blog posts like this one, add photos and videos, join discussions and groups, or even start your own.  Also, if you have a twitter account, click the twitter link located at the top right of the page to follow @HASTAC for new updates, links, etc.

 The next cool thing about the new website is posting.  If you click the orange box that reads "Post Content" you can choose from nine different types of posts ,including Blog, Event, Forum Thread, and document.  One of the most interesting features in the content section is Groups.  The Group function definitely represents the significance of collaboration, and the sharing of ideas that HASTAC is really geared towards.  Groups are a place where members can network with each other, use a wide array of tools, and find new interesting things to think about and work on.  Through Groups you can both join an existing group, or start your own.  Either way there will likely be multiple groups focusing on exciting content being discussed, created, and shared by other users with similar opinions.  

Another really great part of the website is the HASTAC Scholars.  HASTAC Scholars are members who share information of what is happening on their campuses and in their areas.  They use many different forms of media to share, including vlogs, blogs, twitter, and forums on the HASTAC website that are open to all users.  On these forums one can find large amounts of information related to digital media and learning.  

The next important feature of the website is the Opportunities section.  Here you can browse through and read  posts about job offers and fellowships, calls for paper, and new grants and funding.  While on the initial Opportunities page, you also have the ability to filter the search based on the certain type of opportunity you are looking for.  You can narrow the search down even further by title, date, deadline, topics, and tags. This is perfect if you are looking for something very specific, or something during a certain time or dates.

 The last really cool thing about the HASTAC website is the "Feedback" box located at the bottom right of any page you are on.  Once you click the feedback button, you may make a suggestion or comment that will be read by a site administrator.  This is where you can report any problems or difficulties with the site, share a potential improvement or idea, or simply say what you do and don't like.  The final great thing about the Feedback section is that you can read and vote on posts that have already been submitted by other users.  You have a total of 10 votes, a maximum of 3 can be used on any single post, that you may use to show how strongly you agree with a comment that another member submitted.  This is awesome because then the administrator who checks the Feedback content will be able to get a better idea of what most people are looking for in the site and so on.  Overall the new HASTAC website has tons of great features to offer, huge amounts of knowledge and information, and is a great place to collaborate and converse with thousands of other people who share the same interests and inspiration.


HASTAC intern


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