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GK Wins $200,000 in Chase Community Giving Contest!

Global Kids is the Spring 2011 Chase Community Giving Advisory Board winner and will receive $200,000 to advance its "Big Idea" - creating more Global Kids ambassadors through intensive study of international affairs, international service learning, and youth-led advocacy projects on human rights and climate justice.  Global Kids gives a BIG thanks to everyone who voted on Facebook during the Chase Community Giving Contest in May, helping us win an initial $25,000 and positioning us for selection by the Advisory Board. "It's wonderful that the Advisory Board has recognized our pioneering work and how important it is to develop global citizens and youth leaders in underserved communities. This will help take our organization to the next level and we are so grateful!," said Executive Director Evie Hantzopoulos. Check out the official press release!

GK Updates Status to Change the World 

Is Facebook only for uploading profile pictures? Is gaming just about Mario Kart? Over five hundred youth attending the Global Kids 2011 Annual Youth Conference on May 13 answered these questions with a resounding no and spent the day exploring the many ways to use social media and gaming for international development and social change. Students convened at Baruch College for a day of youth-led workshops, talks by experts in the field, and entertainment, including a moving performance produced by GK Leaders enrolled in Ping Chong's Undesirable Elements. The day was an inspiring reminder of the power of our youth and the potential they have to change the world using the resources at their fingertips. To see photos of this dynamic gathering, click here.



Peer Education 101

Global Kids and Health Corps co-hosted West Side High School's annual Health Fair on May 27. Students prepared fresh, nourishing food and engaged in interactive workshops on food justice. The High School for Global Citizenship's students also explored peer empowerment at their Annual Conference. This year, students chose to focus on "Youth and Power." Workshop topics ranged from the role of young people in revolutions to the health implications of gang violence. Students were especially interested in how to use their unique perspective in making a difference in their communities.


Innovation was the link at the 2011 Emoti-Con as youth from Global Kids, Mouse, Parsons The New School for Design, the NYC Public Library, and the New York City Learning Network demonstrated how digital media, technology, and creativity go hand in hand. Among the student projects showcased at this year's festival was Global Kids' NYC Haunts, an interactive scavenger hunt built with the geolocative SCVNGR app. Through NYC Haunts, students from M.S. 391 designed "treks" that challenged players to learn about the history of the Bronx, current issues, and explore the hidden treasures of their neighborhood. See photos of the event here!

Equality Now!

The High School for Global Citizenship's Human Rights Activist Project (HRAP) focused on the issue of women's rights this year. HRAP partnered with the Coalition for Gender Equity to film a public service announcement shedding light on the incidence of female harassment in school. Check out their PSA, "Who is Your Title IX Coordinator?" here!

GK Kicks the Habit

This year, Global Kids from the High School for Medical Professions explored tobacco and its effects at the community level. "Through our Anti-Tobacco Project, we made multi-media projects about smoking and its effects on our peers. We met with elected officials and representatives from the Brooklyn Smoke-Free Partnership to learn about anti-smoking legislative efforts in New York. In the stores near our school, we observed that cigarettes are marketed next to toys, and that candy cigarrettes are still being sold. This is a big problem for the health of our society and we are committed to doing what we can to stop this from continuing. Harmful products should not be targeted to young people."

Foundation 17 Scholar: Syed Rumman

Congratulations to the 2011 Global Kids Foundation 17 Scholar, Syed Rumman! Rumman will receive a $20,000 scholarship toward his four-year undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, where he will be studying physics and engineering. Rumman joined Global Kids at Long Island City High School after moving to the United States from Bangladesh. Since then, he has exemplified the meaning of global citizenship and engagement by raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur.

First Ever Alumni Reunion!

On June 4, Global Kids hosted its first alumni reunion, coordinated by GK alumna Mary Oyedijo. "During high school, Global Kids provided me with a platform to cultivate my creativity and harness my talents," Mary explained. "More than ten years later, I find myself revisiting the lessons and experiences that had a positive impact on my personal and professional development. It is encouraging to see that Global Kids has expanded their mission and is vested in the success of their alumni. Over 100 alumni and former staff attended the event.

Global Kids Annual Benefit

Thanks to all of our donors who made the Global Kids Annual Benefit a success! Held at the Council on Foreign Relations on April 26, the Benefit honored Joel I. Klein, CEO of the Educational Division of News Corporation, and Merryl Tisch, Chancellor for the New York State Department of Education. The celebration was also featured in The New York Times' Evening Hours.

GK-DC Happenings

The GK-DC program has successfully completed its first year at two Washington, D.C. high schools. Over the course of the year, students participated in high profile events such as the State Department Career Roundtable and the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards. Many GK-DC youth leaders also participated in the Annual Youth Conference where they interacted with their NYC peers. Global Kids is proud to be a part of the D.C. community and looks forward to expanding its presence in the years to come.

School's Out!

The school year may be finished, but the Global Kids summer experience is just beginning. Youth will have the opportunity to participate in engaging programs like the 2011 U.S. in the World Summer Institute at the Council on Foreign Relations and the service learning-centered Summer Youth Employment Program. GK Leaders are also preparing to travel to Kenya and Brazil as part of the Kenya Service Learning Program and the Global Gateways Summer Institute! Donate now to ensure that all our students meet their fundraising goals to take part in these life-changing trips.


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