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I'm Still Here

I guess this blogging habit isn't keeping me as honest as I hoped: more time has passed since I posted here than I initially intended. In my defense, o Reader, a lot has happened in the last three weeks, much of which has impacted my thinking about my orals research and my teaching. I've also embarked on a couple of writing projects that integrate my orals work into other, sometimes stalled academic projects. I'm facing a lot of fears, and feeling good about that process. So there will be more frequent entries, if not for you, than for me.

I've actually got one in the works on something that slowed my studying a bit - but amped up my teaching prep and further revved my general (always present) excitement about pedagogy and collaboration. I'll get that up by week's end.

Before I go (to keep reading!), a thought. I bought myself some (what I'm thinking of as ) pre-dissertation books today as a present for the work I got done this morning. Pretty soon, I'll have little packages arriving at my door crammed with the words of Alison Bechdel, Adrienne Rich, Eric Lott, Eric Weisbard, and several others.

Here's what all this made me think of.

When I was a wee one, about four or so, my mom would take me with her on errands and, when I was good, sometimes offer me a small treat. Let's say we were at the Shop Rite checkout, and she'd ask, "Would you like a piece of candy." I was four, so I'd say yes. Then she'd ask, "Would you like a book?"

My eyes would light up, I'd clap my hands, and I'd squeal, "Ooooooh, bookie bookie bookie!"

Some things never change.


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