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Hello HASTAC scholars and greater community!


My name is Hannah Chanatry, and I’m a senior at St. Lawrence University. My academic career has taken a recent shift in terms of my current and post-grad pursuits; I went from thinking I wanted to go into publishing, to wanting to work in cultural exchange through the arts and intercultural communication. Still, I've managed to apply all my previous work to this new passion and trajectory, which has been not only a huge relief, but also given me an exciting new perspective through which I view my work.


I’m relatively new to this Digital Humanities thing – I’m a pen and paper girl myself – but my new experiences have been great, so I’m diving in head first! My first foray into this world actually combined my love of publishing with my love of cultures; I created a digital literary magazine entitled Every Hundred Feet: Tales of Laurentians Abroad. The magazine explores the experiences had by St. Lawrence University students while they study off-campus, and I have continued it as a Senior Honors Project, looking specifically at intercultural communication.


Of course there is so much more to me than just cultural exploration – I’m an avid feminist, a dancer, an artist, and a Criminal Minds aficionado, to start – but that will all come out with time! (And space; I don’t want to be too long-winded on my first post).


I can’t wait to not only explore my own interests with the scholars’ community, but to find some new things to sink my teeth into that the rest of you put forward! Here’s to a great year!




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