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Alliance for Digital Humanities Organization Feedback Opportunity

The ADHO Implementation Committee has posted the first proposal for how governance of ADHO can be changed to better support the digital humanities. The first one deals with financial scenarios. See:

What is this about?

In July of 2016 the ADHO Steering Committee approved a new governance framework and a new financial model. An Implementation Committee (IC) has started to work on a more detailed plan that will help to smooth the way for the official change to the new structure effective July 1, 2018. See:  

The IC has posted a Roadmap of how it is proceeding at:  

We welcome feedback on the proposal and roadmap. You can add comments to the proposals or send feedback through your Constituent Organization directly to the Steering Committee.


Geoffrey Rockwell, Melissa Terras, Jennifer Guiliano, Christian-Emil Smith Ore


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