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An Interactive Badge Prototype for Mentored Learning

The article, "An Interactive Badge Prototype for Mentored Learning" has been posted in Research Gate:

From June 2011 until October 2013, the Minnesota-based non-profit Digital Watershed and The Ohio State University were engaged in the development of a prototype badge system and web site design as part of the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition. The integration of the badge system and Word Press web site are described in this paper. The system was unique in several ways. Visitors to the web site were encouraged to earn badge segments by selecting from a playlist of challenges, and their badge was published as an interactive app. Badges are not static graphics, but are interactive apps, displaying project titles, descriptions and imagery from each of four different creative projects developed by badge earners. Badges link to the four projects and back to the original challenges in the web site. The first generation badge had a dozen segments in what became known as a "pie" badge. The data for the badges are generated by the Word Press web site through plugins such as BuddyPress and Gravity Forms, and writes the data to a Learning Record Store (LRS) through the Grassblade plugin that allows Word Press to talk to the LRS as part of the Tin Can standard for e-learning content on mobile devices. Finally, a walk-through with imagery from the web site is presented as a step-by step view of what is seen by badge earners and by the mentors who evaluate user projects online and grant badge segments. How the badges are published as apps through a " badge master " program that updates badges through a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) tool is described.


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