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An early look at tools for EARTHWORKS

An early look at tools for EARTHWORKS

WHAT do we mean by the term... Interactive Badge System?

Most Digital Badge Systems involve digital icons or symbols that people are awarded or collect for clicking on digital information that is accessible within a Website or an online game.

Our system is different...

The EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System will challenge learners to actively participate in engaged learning by...  

  • Providing multiple digital gateways to a wide range of different cultural perspectives & active learning experiences.
  • Providing an open door to an engaged learning environment that merges digital, online and “hands on” real world experiences.


The EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System is about more than clicking and collecting information.  It invites people to:  

  • Create projects based on their ideas...
  • Play around with their ideas...
  • Reflect on their ideas & share them with others...
  • Develop new ideas based on their experiences.


How do others see our collaboration?

  • As a technology/content collaboration...
  • As a proof of concept and a prototype...
  • As innovators of truly interactive badge systems.


The EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System looks to enhance the OBI with:

  • An interactive authoring system for creating badges.
  • A resource Web site for exploring content about Earthworks
  • A digital tool for mentors to review creative submissions

We have brainstormed what experience these digital tools might provide for users and offer these links to these very early examples of tool development:

A "first look" at a dynamic web structure for a "resource site" for finding out about how to earn badges, make creative offerings, and the learning objectives behind them.

A "first look" at an interactive badge sample depicting a Medicine Wheel with four quadrants, each representing "strands" for the badge earned by learners.  Look at the version with no strands earned and strands earned.  Then tour the strands earned by clicking on the labels in the quadrants.


Start Screen for the badge sample


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