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Introduction to FSDW15

Greetings! I am a PhD candidate and Doctoral Academy Fellow at the University of Arkansas. My research interests include historical significance, critical pedagogy, critical consciousness, and all things gender.

I am entering the beginning stages of my dissertation, which posits the use of J.W. Scott’s “Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis” as an integrated approach to social studies education coupled with educative approaches to critical consciousness.  I’m currently compelled to use a life history feminist methodology to parse how educators currently conceive of and teach about gender in the classroom. 

There seems to be a large gap between how history scholars and history education scholars approach intersectional narratives.  Then, there is an even bigger gap between history education scholars and history education practitioners’ conception and implementation of intersectional narratives in the classroom.

I'm planning on workshopping my writing from my comprehensive exam question regarding gender that I will be turning into my proposal.  I look forward to working with and learning from the participants in this workshop!


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