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Marxism and New Media Conference: This Week at Duke, Thursday through Saturday!

Marxism and New Media Conference: This Week at Duke, Thursday through Saturday!

The Marxism and New Media Conference organized by graduate students in Duke's Program in Literature is here! The conference will take place this Thursday, January 19, through Saturday, January 21. A wide variety of events will take place over the three very full days of the conference, including the U.S. premiere of the documentary Marx_Reloaded, and we hope you'll be able to attend a lot of them, as well as to help us get the word out by forwarding this information to appropriate listservs and to anyone you think might be interested. 


Marxism and New Media was organized in an effort to increase dialogue between new media theory and Marxian political critique, as well as highlight the ways in which this work is already very much in communication. The conference has received generous financial support from many institutions across campus: the Graduate Program in Literature; Art, Art History, and Visual Studies; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; the Duke University Center for International Studies; the Department of English; the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image; the Duke University Graduate School; Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC); Information Science + Information Studies; the Institute for Critical Theory; the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute; Marxism and Society; the Office of the Provost; and the Program in Women’s Studies. 


A full, up-to-the-minute schedule can be found at An abbreviated schedule follows below. Thanks for helping us get the word out and see you at Marxism and New Media 2012. 



2 PM: Kick-Off Workshop: “Mediating Autonomia: Newness and Critique” (Friedl 225, Duke East Campus)
4 PM: Donald Pease Jr. lecture: "Pip, Moby-Dick and Melville's Novel Governmentality" (Friedl 225, Duke East Campus)

6 PM: U.S. Premiere of "Marx_Reloaded” and director Q&A (Richard White Lecture Hall, Duke East Campus)



All panels on Friday are in John Hope Franklin Center 240 on Duke's Central Campus.

 8:00 AM Breakfast and Coffee

 8:30 AM Opening Remarks from Mark Hanson and Fredric Jameson

 9:15 AM Panel #1 Media Activism

11:00 AM Panel #2 Labor and Class

12:30 PM Lunch and Lunchtime Seminar: “The Tea Party, Obama, and the Politics of Occupy: A Conversation with Donald Pease, Jr.”

 2:00 PM Panel #3 Emergent Bodies and Embodiments

 4:00 PM Panel #4 Queerness

 6:00 PM Panel #5 Art

 8:00 PM Dinner



All panels on Saturday are in John Hope Franklin Center 240 on Duke's Central Campus.

 9:00 AM Panel #6 Collective Production in New Media

10:40 AM Panel #7 New Political Economy

12:30 PM Lunch 

 1:30 PM Panel #8 Games and Virtual Worlds

 3:30 PM Panel #9 Cognitive Capitalism

 5:30 PM Keynote Addresses [Alex Galloway (NYU); Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD); McKenzie Wark (The New School)]

 7:30 PM Closing Remarks from Katherine Hayles

 8:00 PM Dinner









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