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Update on "Marxism and New Media" Conference at Duke, Jan. 19-21, 2012

Update on "Marxism and New Media" Conference at Duke, Jan. 19-21, 2012

There'll be much more information on this in the new year, but for now here's the preliminary schedule for the Marxism and New Media conference happening at Duke on January 19-21 (sponsored by, among others, HASTAC). If you're interested in attending, please register and join the mailing list; no registration fee will be charged. More soon!




2:00 PM
Workshop: "Mediating Autonomia: Newness and Critique"
Facilitators: Pooja Ragnan, Julie Levin Russo, David Bering-Porter, Anton Soderman

(4 PM: Don Pease Talk)

6:00 PM
"Marx_Reloaded" film viewing, director Q/A, discussion


8:30 AM
Opening Remarks
Mark Hansen
Fredric Jameson

9:15 AM
Media Activism (Moderator: Michael Swacha)
Rodrigo Savazoni
(Universidade Federal do ABC) and Cicero Inacio da Silva (Universidade
Federal of Juiz de Fora), “The Emergence of a Decentralized Form of Activism in Brazil”
James Clark (York University), “Masking/marking class struggle: The role of new media in Egypt’s revolution”
Luke Stark (New York University), “#ows and the Digital Nomos”

Labor and Class (Moderator: Lisa Klarr)
Ben Morton (University of Iowa), “Online Exploitation: They reCAPTCHA Your Work, One Word at a Time”
Ingrid Hoofd (National University of Singapore), “From Class to Speed: The Displacement of Democratic Praxis into Techno-Economic Acceleration”
David Bering-Porter (Brown University), “Embodied Autonomy: Undead Labor in the Zombie and the Virus”
Marco Deseriis (The New School), “Is Anonymous a New Form of Luddism?”

12:30 PM
LUNCH / Don Pease Lunch

2:00 PM
Emergent Bodies and Embodiments (Moderator: Amanda Starling Gould)
Jacob Peters (University of Southern California), “Breathing Life into 0s and 1s”
Scott Sundvall (Bowling Green State University), “Potentiality and Possibility: Technology, Language, and Desire”
Kaitlin Clinnin (University of Vermont), “White Noise: Information as Erasure of Marked Bodies”
Olivia Banner (Rice University), “Health 2.0: Biocapital's New Clothes?”

4:00 PM
Queerness (Moderator: Zach Blas)
Jacob Gaboury (New York University), “Against Productivity: On the Queer Logic of Computation”
Micha Cárdenas (University of Southern California), “Queer Porn as Postcapitalist Virus”
Julie Levin Russo (Brown University), “Queer Labor? Online Workers in the Television Factory”
Pinar Yoldas (Duke University), "Speculative Biologies: A Queer Critique of Techno-Capitalism"

6:00 PM
Art (Moderator: John Stadler)
Elaine Gan (University of California - Santa Cruz), “Mapping Time”
Andrew Stefan Weiner (University of California, Berkeley), “Brecht’s Cauliflowers, Super Mario’s Clouds: Promises of Freedom in Contemporary Art”
Victor Cirone (Ryerson and York University), “Untitled Wikileaks Sound Collage”

8:00 PM


8:30 AM
Collective Production in New Media (Moderator: Melody Jue)
Abigail De Kosnik (University of California, Berkeley), “Economies of Fandom: Hoarding at Work and at Play in Internet Fanfic Archives”
Chuck Tryon (Fayetteville State University), “Curating Audiences, or Using Social TV to Mobilize”
Calvin Hui (Duke University), “Digitizing Rubbish”
Pooja Rangan (The New School), “Child’s Play: Tactics of Immaterial Child Labor in Contemporary Humanitarian Media”

10:30 AM
New Political Economy (Moderator: Clarissa Lee)
Sangmin Kim (George Mason University), “Media Surplus and Surplus Media in Korea”
Benjamin Robertson (University of Colorado at Boulder), “The Political Economy of New Media and Education”
Robert Topinka (Northwestern University), “Privatizing a Decentered Commons: Intellectual Property and the Author in Digital Space”

12:30 PM

1:30 PM
Games and Virtual Worlds (Moderator: Gerry Canavan)
Stephanie Boluk (Vassar College), “State of Play: Procedural Love and Ludic Labor”
Alenda Chang (University of California, Berkeley), “Land’s Labors Lost: Farm Games and the Counter-Pastoral” Kenneth Rogers (University of California, Riverside), “Technologies of Management: Digital Labor, Human Capital, and the Attention Economy”
Braxton Soderman (Miami University), “Benjamin and Brecht Play Chess: Critiquing the Industry of Innovation in Contemporary Game Production”

3:30 PM
Cognitive Capitalism (Moderator: Karim Wissa)
Robert Prey (Simon Fraser University), “Networks of Exclusion, Networks of Exploitation: Marx as a Network Theorist”
Pieter Lemmens (Wageningen University and Research Centre), “Liberating the common from cognitive capitalism. On the organology and pharmacology of the general intellect”
Matteo Pasquinelli (Queen Mary University of London), “Machinic Capitalism and Network Surplus Value: Towards a Political Economy of the Turing Machine”
Laurel Ahnert (Georgia State University), “Information as a Commodity Form and its Relation to the (Racialized) Surveillance Subject in Hasan Elahi’s Tracking Transience”

5:30 PM
Keynote (Moderator: Michael Hardt and Katherine Hayles) and Closing Q&A
Alex Galloway (NYU)
Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD)
McKenzie Wark (The New School)

7:30 PM


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