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Research is Drawing Upon

My current Doctoral research uses the metaphor of “drawing upon” as a methodology of inquiry. Even though I am a professional artist (classical drawing, silverpoint) my inquiry goes deeper. The autonomy between the writer and artist posits that activities of creating art are one and the same as a personal expression of spiritual experience. Hearing, believing, doing, and inspection, are introductory interpretations of a deeper unfolding of the heuristic paradigm that draws upon Michelangelo’s theoretical and practical concepts of concetto (the idea), levare (taking away), techne (technique), and porre (adding to). Drawing upon these concepts has resulted in a qualitative model for following in the footsteps of masters. These interpretations are valuable tools to articulate concepts of life as more than just following of ideas, but as an autonomous act of the will to learn from and inform others. Research as inquiry for the artist/writer is seeing. The researcher is a seer.

And seeing is an aesthetic appreciation that is consummated in three stages of discovery.The first stage is the experience of intuition and the second stage is the experience of education. I also posit a third stage as the spiritual experience of creative synthesis. Intuition is the experiential process of the idea (concetto) as it works its way towards becoming an artistic expression of creativity. Education is the cognitive process of understanding the knowledge-based underpinnings of a creative process. Creative synthesis is the assembly of intuitive and cognitive stages of discovery, where spirituality is awakened by the fluency of artistic expression and the experience of connoisseurship and criticism.


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