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Hurricane Katrina and Spike Lee

Until watching Spike Lee?s documentary on Hurricane Katrina, When the Levees Broke, there were many things that I was unaware of. I knew that New Orleans was below sea-level and had been hit by various other hurricanes previous. I was however unaware about the 1965 Hurricane Betsy. On first thought I wondered why so many people, even after being told many times to evacuate, stayed and tried to weather out the storm. Then I found out that many of these same people stayed in there homes for Hurricane Betsy, which was a horrible storm and the citizens felt that Katrina would be about the same ordeal. Obviously this was not the case for these people. One other interesting fact that I realized by watching Spike Lee?s documentary was how many people in New Orleans did not know how, or could not swim. Maybe because of my upbringing or just my past experience I never would have expected that that many people were unable to swim.


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