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Final Reflection – Adult Learning: Theory & Application

Final Reflection – Adult Learning: Theory & Application

          The topic of our learning module was on using reverse mentoring to bridge the generational gap in the workplace.  Our hope was that by watching our video, one would be able to define the concept of reverse mentoring, articulate it’s benefits, understand how it works, and how to begin to design a program.  I initially had some concerns about our topic.  At first, the focus was more on the differences in generations and I was worried about the negative tone of the conversation.  But then Mick told us a story about how he shared the idea of reverse mentoring with a friend and how it had a major impact on their organization.  That set into motion a great conversation that landed on using reverse mentoring as the focal point, which turned out to be a great topic.  And that was one of the things that I loved about our LLG, we had developed the type of trust you would expect to see from a team that has been together for years making it easy to have real, open discussions.  This made it easier to leverage the whole instead of just the sum of its parts.

          Personally, I thought that our learning module was good, not great necessarily, but “good enough”, which has been my mantra as of late.  As is always the case, there are certainly things that we, more specifically I, could have done better but taking all things into account, I am happy with the product.  I thought we hit the mark on relevance and practicality.  We learned through the live classes and discussion boards that many of us in the class share similar challenges in our organizations.  So we felt strongly that this would be a topic and tool that many would find valuable.  

          I felt that if we could go back and do anything differently, it would be to come up with and include more ways to include the learners by incorporating more activities.  Watching some of the other learning modules that came out of our class opened my eyes to some other possibilities and ways to get the learner more involved and engaged.  I would have also found a way to split up the middle section of our video where I go through the content.  It was getting really close, I’m sure past for some, to the point of a “Bueller….Bueller...Bueller…” moment, so I think inserting an interactive activity somewhere in the middle would have been ideal.  

          However, when it comes to the more important objective of the project, build on what we have learned in this class, I could not be more pleased with that outcome.  I feel like this project took what we have learned in this class to the next level. Continuing to learn how best to work with others effectively through our LLG was also valuable for me and something I truly appreciate about this program.   


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