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A Better-Late Introduction


Hi! I'm Foley. 

I'm trying to avoid CV-as-introduction here, so I'll begin with something more irreverent--this "About Me" section that I recently wrote as filler for my website. 

"My childhood in my mind seems so lovely and picturesque. Then I talk about it, and I'm like Oh My God." ~Jennifer Lawrence

Born somewhere in Yankee Northern Virginia in 1983, Marjorie Foley spent the early years of her life riding her pink bicycle and trying unsuccessfully to start fires by rubbing two sticks together. Followed loyally by her Puffalump during these years, Foley snuck into sewers, developed a decent tan, and forgot to wear shoes. After moving to rural Fauquier County, Virginia, she learned that starting fires is not something you do for fun, but is rather something you do when there's too much snow to open the front door. It was there, in Fauquier County, that the young Foley learned to shoot rifles, use boiling water to treat poison ivy, and walk uphill both ways in order to get to school.

In the 1990's, Foley developed a fine sense for mathematics and became terrified by flying insects, especially those of the invasive species sort. At school, she pursued many subjects, including painting, photography, art history, and English, though her former math agility could not stop her from failing calculus once in high school and again in college. In fact, it was not until her thirties (she's projecting) that she came to truly understand derivatives.

She worked a variety of odd jobs in high school, including ditch digging, dumptruck driving, and rosebush watering for her crazy aunt, as well as her favorite job, washing dishes and doing crossword puzzles at the Airlie Conference Center, to which she still aspires to return in her old age.

After going to all the colleges in the early 2000's (and working ceaselessly to please the entitled craft-purchasing housewives of the West End of Richmond as Assistant Manager of Ben Franklin Crafts), Foley graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006. Deciding that there was no way that she was going to manage a craft store for the rest of her life, Foley applied to graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin, where she matriculated in the fall of 2007. Changing her concentration from 18th-C English literature to Rhetoric and Writing, Foley found her true calling: encouraging bright young people to write and figuring out what the hell is going on with the tea party movement.

In her spare time, she still pursues cycling, photography, painting, and calculus.

I'm currently spending *a lot* of time researching the Tea Party movement and the moves they make to solidify group identity when they're so hell-bent on being "individuals." This research sends me down a variety of rabbit holes: populism, demagoguery, the history of American political movements, and the like. 

I'm hoping to spend time on HASTAC discussing my next topic of research, which is the identity that Anonymous has created for themselves (or, one might argue, the identity that the media has created for Anonymous). I'm super interested in the way that Anonymous relates to Alan Kirby's Digimodernism, particularly his notion that the general thrust of our culture right now involves texts being authored by their intended audiences rather than simply *for* them. See, for instance, fan fiction, reality TV, and a variety of other texts. 

My favorite part of what I do is sitting around learning Drupal and teaching students how to make websites. I'm currently working on my personal website in order to earn my Digital Writing and Research Certificate through the Digital Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin (where I'm an Assistant Director and grad student in Rhetoric and Writing). You can find out more about me and what I do here


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