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Four ways to get more Tweets about your blog posts!

Four ways to get more Tweets about your blog posts!

We’d LOVE to tweet more of your blogs, events and links. A few quick tasks on your side of things can help US promote your work even more. 

  1. SNAPPY BLOG TITLE! When you blog on HASTAC, think of a super snappy AND descriptive title. “Notes from the conference” is less helpful than “Panels on Digital Pedagogy from XYZ Conference” which is less interesting than “Three awesome questions raised at MLA DH panels.” 

    Think about what is useful and interesting for YOU to click on, and mimic that as the title! It can be funny, descriptive, poetic, slightly hyperbolic or pose the question you are asking your readers.

  2. TWEET YOUR LINK! When you blog on HASTAC, make sure to tweet out the link AND include @HASTACScholars on the tweet. We are trying to tweet all of your posts, but this will ENSURE that we see + retweet your post!
  3. INCLUDE RELEVANT HASHTAGS! Make sure to include the relevant hashtags on your tweet too - this helps unrelated folks find you and find your work…. part of the whole point of blogging + twitter.
  4. MAKE COMMUNITY VISIBLE! Comment and Tweet out blogs written by your fellow HASTAC Scholars. The fastest way to build readership for your OWN work is to be generous and helpful with engaging other the work of your colleagues. Comment, ask questions, tweet, engage. 

Any other tips from Twitter experts out there?

Don’t forget to follow our current list of HASTAC Scholars on Twitter. If you use a Twitter client (like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck) you can make this list one of your columns. 

If you are on Twitter, and your name is NOT on this list of HASTAC Scholars 2015-2016 on Twitter, please mention us @HASTACScholars on Twitter and we’ll add you there :-) 


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5. ADD AN IMAGE: If you're not well-versed in Photoshop, there are lots of easier tools online and apps that you can download on your phone or laptop. This one took me about 3 minutes to make on Canva and they have pre-set sizes for various social media platforms. They have tons of nice and easy layouts, or it's quick enough to create one of your own. Images don't make us more likely to tweet out your blog per se, but they show up so nicely on the site and lots of studies show that posts with appropriate images get shared more often on Facebook and beyond.

6. UPDATE YOUR HASTAC PROFILE WITH YOUR TWITTER HANDLE! Our new website features your Twitter handle right below your name + photo on the side of your post. You can see mine above, to the right of the post up top. Edit your profile and put in your Twitter handle - this makes it super easy to tag you as we re-post on Twitter, or for other interested readers to quickly connect with you there.