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Critical Approaches to Digital Humanities at VCU

Critical Approaches to Digital Humanities at VCU
I was recently invited to speak at the Critical Approaches to Digital Humanities symposium at Virginia Commonwealth University. This symposium focused on digital humanities as a field, and its impact on higher education, discourses about the humanities and other related questions. 
The presentations were sharp, the questions were interesting and the company was marvelous. It was quite an honor to be in the midst of such incredible thinkers and I hope the following Storify will capture some of the highlights. 
Thank you to David Golumbia, Jennifer Rhee and all of the VCU hosts from the Media, Art and Text program, and the Department of English.


Tara McPherson: "Designing for Difference"

Morning Panel 

Fiona Barnett: "The Brave Side of DH" 

Amanda Phillips: "Gaming the System: Game Design for Social Justice in the Undergraduate Classroom"

Simone Browne: "What did the TSA find in Solange's fro?": Tactical Art at the Airport

Afternoon Panel 

Natalia Cecire: "Distributed Knowledge and the Digital"

Brian Lennon: "The Digital Humanities and National Security”

David Golumbia: "The Authority of the Digital Humanities"


Storify: Critical Approaches to DH at VCU



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