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Pedagogy Project forthcoming

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the Pedagogy Project on HASTAC in the next few weeks. This is a collaborative project, with over 80 submissions by HASTAC Scholars and supporters. This is our contribution to the FutureEd initiative.

Each person has contributed a concrete, useful and specific assignment or other pedagogical tool. They include:

  • Favorite pedagogical exercises
  • Annotated bibliographies on pedagogy research or learning research
  • Best tricks to get started with connected learning
  • Useful in-class activities
  • Peer Grading projects
  • Assignments which include multimedia, video, Wikipedia, Twitter, Storify, etc.

A few sample contributions include:

All of the contributions will be organized into useful themes. The goal is to have a large collection of assignments and activities for other educators to use in their own classrooms. 

Follow announcements on Twitter under the #PedagogyProject hashtag. We will post an announcement on HASTAC when the project is released.

Stay tuned!


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