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Roundup of HASTAC 2013 posts

Roundup of HASTAC 2013 posts

What an amazing conference filled with inventive, kind, humorous and wickedly smart people. About 350 of you showed up and it was so much fun. 

Because it was such a busy conference and we didn't all have a chance to see each other's papers, we're asking conference participants to post their talks here on HASTAC. The talks will still be in their original form and not re-edited for written publication. The goal is to get them shared, not perfect them into another format. "Cut and paste" is the idea!

You can embed your slides from Slideshare or Prezi or many other media sources. Let one of us know if you have questions. 

We will put the blogs and photos together in a more constructed way at some point, but in the meantime, here's an ongoing list of the blogs posted on HASTAC - either blogs about the event, or talks that were given at the event.

To upload yours to this site, just log in, then post as a blog. Tag with HASTAC 2013 and I'll find it. Please let me know if I miss yours inadverdently!

Blogs and Videos:

HASTAC Poetry Competition! by Ruby Sinreich

Voice without a Budget: Digital Technologies in a Community College Classroom by Steven Burg

Notes Towards a Regional Digital Arts & Cultures Collaboratory; or, HASTACing With the Neighbors by Daniel Powell

A #HASTAC2013 Interactive Archive by Ernesto Priego

What HASTAC Has Taught Me About Love in the Academy by Amanda Phillips

Where is the Story? by Elika Ortega

"I no longer feel that we are so very few": HASTAC and Community Building by Viola Lasmana

Remix Pedagogy and Contrapuntal Reading by Viola Lasmana

Reflection on the Storm of Progress by Steven Burg

Towards a Future of Humanities Research -- Bibliopedia, Linked Data, and the Problem with Silos by Michael Widner

Seeking shelter - mobilizing creative and archival practices by M.E. Luka

Navigating Encounters w/ Neatline: Geotemporal History and the Battle of St. George's Key by Miriam Martin

Pantoum Room - HASTAC 2013 Installation Demo by Bethany Bradshaw

Unlearning Teaching - by Tara Zepel

Visualizing A Forgotten American Vision: Mapping American Protestant Missionaries in the Middle East by Zoe LeBlanc

Visualization as a Digital Humanities ________ ? by Tara Zepel

Conference Report by Robert McGrath

HASTAC-y Goodness by Melonie Fullick

Made in the (Canadian) Shade: Reporting from HASTAC 2013 by Korey Jackson

metanoia: progress and regret by alex reid

HASTAC Poetry Contest Winners by Ruby Sinreich

A Networked HASTAC by David Sparks

Dissertation in the form of a comic book & HASTAC report by Nick Sousanis

Innovation as Activism: Ideas for Libraries by Brianna Marshall



HASTAC 2013, Day 1 (April 25) by Melonie Fullick

HASTAC 2013, Day 2 (April 26) by Melonie Fullick

HASTAC 2013, Day 3 (April 27) by Melonie Fullick

HASTAC 2013 Day 4 (April 28) by Melonie Fullick

HASTAC 2013 Session 5 by Ashley Young

My Event in Tweets by Amanda Phillips

#GWWI: Global Women Wikipedia Write-In by Roopika Risam

HASTAC Poetry Contest


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