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HASTAC Scholars Nominations Due MONDAY!

HASTAC Scholars Nominations Due MONDAY!

Don't forget - nominations for HASTAC Scholars are due *TODAY* - Wednesday, September 19. 



Not sure why you should apply? Not sure if it's worth your time? Do you already blog, but want a larer community? Are you trying to figure out how to move forward with your dissertation, master's thesis or teaching? Are you new to your Ph.D. program, and not sure how you'll fit into a more traditional department? 

Join us!

Some Stats on the HASTAC Scholars:

 - last year there were over 200 Scholars, from over 75 universities and 5 countries, including the US, Canada, Spain, Korea, England, Australia and New Zealand.

 - this will be the 4th annual HASTAC Scholars cohort

 - In the last two years, our forums have generated well over 1000 comments -- many of which are mini-essays!

 - not to mention hundreds of blog entries, comments and further conversations

 - 350,000 visitors to the ten HASTAC Scholars Forums since September of 2009


Results of the Scholars program. Many Scholars have reported good news such as:

 - generating conference panels from their participation in blogs and forums

 - being invited to speak at other workshops, conferences and classes

 - class readings generated from the forums and blogs

 - forums and conversations used to justify preliminary exam fields and the scope of a dissertation

 - being invited to collaborate with digital humanities projects, civic advocacy groups, public policy advisories, university technology consulting

 - involvement with Scholars was frequently identified as the tipping point in the job search

 - success on the #alt-ac job market (i.e. jobs at university centers, non-profits, museums, and other jobs outside of the tenure-track market)

 - benefited from creating a community beyond traditional departments - many Scholars have expressed excitement at finding other students like them!

 - useful practice of working through conference paper drafts as blogs

 - beneficial practice explaining their own research and interests to a wider audience

 - keeping up with interesting news, policies, academic trends, technology applications for both teaching & research

 - meeting other like-minded folks on their own campuses, and meeting good contacts on campus & in their local city


This year is going to be amazing - with our new website, and lots of new & old Scholars, we're going to hit the ground running and have lots of smaller groups for specific topics. This program is ENTIRELY student-run and participant-driven, which means that if you have an idea, and we can make it happen, we will! The program's energy is entirely built around current HASTAC Scholar interests. What do you want this group to be? What do you want us to cover? Join us and make it happen!



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