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Apply to the 2011-2012 HASTAC Scholars Program!

Apply to the 2011-2012 HASTAC Scholars Program!

The HASTAC Scholars program is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students who are engaged with innovative projects and research at the intersection of digital media & learning, 21st century education, the digital humanities, and technology in the arts, humanities and sciences. We blog, host forums, organize events and discuss new ideas, projects, experiments, and technologies that reconceive teaching, learning, research, writing and structuring knowledge. For more information and to see our discussion forums, please see the HASTAC Scholars website.

HASTAC Scholars are interested in questions such as:

  • What kinds of projects and ideas are included in the Digital Humanities, New Media Arts, or Science & Technology Studies? What do these kinds of projects make possible and how do they reimagine notions about culture, knowledge, aesthetics, science, the body or communication?
  • What might our research, technology design, and thinking look like if we took seriously the momentous opportunities and challenges for learning posed by our digital era?
  • How do we use technologies in our teaching & learning endeavors, not just to replace traditional media and assignments, but to fundamentally address different student approaches, needs, and possibilities afforded by new ways of thinking?
  • How do we work across and transform our different disciplines and fields? We have Scholars working in a huge array of projects: race and technology, equal access, architecture of digital spaces, digital historiography, queer and feminist theory, science studies, critical coding, education, nonprofit and government projects, biotechnology & medicine, media studies & more!

As a Scholar you can participate in various ways:

  • Blog about your own work and research projects, questions, ideas
  • Host and comment in the energetic discussion forums
  • Report on activities at your local institution and department
  • Share insights from conferences and performances
  • Blog, tweet, podcast, or participate on the wiki
  • Network with other students, professors, artists, scholars and researchers, both online and in local meet-ups
  • Conduct interviews, book reviews, project reviews, etc.
  • Lots of new opportunities to connect using our new website - to be launched this summer!
  • Your idea here we are collaborative and rely on your ideas and feedback!

Requirements for Nominators: 

Any faculty or staff member at a post-secondary institution may nominate an undergraduate or graduate student to be a HASTAC Scholar. Making such a nomination puts you in the official category of "mentor" and the Mentor will be responsible for the following:

  • Registering yourself as a user on this website
  • Agreeing to subsidize each HASTAC Scholar nominee with a $300 fellowship paid by the Mentor's institution.  The payment process is entirely decentralized; the Mentor and the Scholar need to work out their own process. For participants outside the US, this $300 fellowship can be waived if necessary -- please email for more information.
  • Check in with your HASTAC Scholar(s) throughout the year, suggest material/events to blog about or post on the HASTAC website, and help to promote your HASTAC Scholar within your institution.
  • We hope you will joins us too - you're invited to blog, comment in the forums, or participate in any other HASTAC activity.

Requirements for HASTAC Scholars:

  • Change for this year: The HASTAC Scholar will fill out the application form - take note of all the required information before submitting
  • Blog before October 1, introducing yourself and your projects, interests & ideas!
  • Report on at least ONE local relevant event any conference, talk, art project, symposium, experiment or collaboration during the year
  • Introduce at least one other technology project to the greater HASTAC community this could be a new technology, a new coding language, a new use of technology in the non-profit sector, a new game for learning, an interesting new book, etc. Share your research or personal interests, and help other Scholars learn about a new idea or implementation!
  • Contribute to HASTAC Scholar Discussion Forums, either by hosting or commenting. These very lively discussions are part of the backbone of the HASTAC Scholars program. You will be invited to propose topics for forums and to help facilitate forums, and everyone is invited to join in the discussion. For previous forum examples, see the HASTAC Scholars
  • Build community and conversation by commenting, tweeting, covering conferences, and helping organize local meet-ups.
  • Sharing relevant job info, fellowship opportunities, conference CFPs, and publishing opportunities. This community is only as strong as we make it!


Q: Are previous Scholars eligible again?
A: Yes! Previous Scholars ARE eligible to be re-nominated through this form. On the application form, the Scholar must mention their previous HASTAC involvement and how they have participated in previous years.

Q: Does HASTAC administer the fellowships? Does HASTAC supply fellowships to the program?
A: All fellowships are decentralized and provided by the Mentor, the department, or local institution. HASTAC does not process or arrange the payments; all financials are organized between the Scholar and Mentor.

Q: I'm not from the US - can I still be nominated? How do fellowships work?
A: Absolutely! We have Scholars from many countries, including Canada, UK, Germany & Spain and we welcome you! Were happy to discuss the fellowship process for international students please contact me at the email below.

Q: I'm not a student - can I be a HASTAC Scholar?
A: We are generally keeping the program limited to current students. However, if you have recently graduated and would like to be nominated, drop me a line and give me the details. Remember you can absolutely participate on the HASTAC website even if youre not an official Scholar!

Q: My school isn't listed as a member organization, or none of my professors have been involved with HASTAC before. Can I still join?
A: Absolutely! Some of our mentors and Scholars have been involved with HASTAC before, but many many folks are joining the community or nominating a Scholar for the first time. By nominating a Scholar, your instituiton will be linked as a HASTAC organization and you will both become members!

Q: Can HASTAC find a Mentor or Nominator for me? I don't know anyone involved with HASTAC.
A: So far everyone who has really tried to find a mentor at their institution has succeeded -- I'm sure we can find one for you too! Write to your department chair, dean of the graduate school, or other related programs that deal with technology, culture, learning, or new media. If you need some help with wording, drop me a note and we can draft an email for you to use. We really want you to join if you're motivated and we're happy to help find the support you need!

Q: Can a Mentor nominate more than one Scholar?
A: Yes! The only requirement is that the Mentor must still fund the $300 to each Scholar. We'd like to keep each Mentor to 4-5 Scholars, but email me if you'd like to nominate more than this.

Nomination process:

Applications are due on September 19, 2011. It requires the following information for both Scholar and Mentor:

  • Name
  • Title/Year (ex. Associate Professor/4th Year Graduate Student/Senior)
  • Program/Department
  • Institution
  • Preferred E-mail Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Link to HASTAC User profiles
  • Scholar only - brief bio paragraph (no more than 250 words) that mentions research projects and interests (including dissertation if applicable) and their HASTAC-related interests and work.
All nominations must be received by September 19, 2011.

Click here to apply as a HASTAC Scholar.

If you have any other questions, please email the Director of HASTAC Scholars, Fiona Barnett:

Thank you! Please share with any interested students, faculty, listservs & departments.


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