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You might have seen Jenna's previous blog on organizing an impromptu and informal panel around questions at the intersection of queerness and DML. We had a great turnout and touched on a bunch of questions and ideas:


  • why each of us was interested in these questions, and challenges we hope to address going forward
  • the place of identity (race, ethnicity, queerness etc.) at DML and other conferences on digital media & learning
  • queer media and what that might mean
  • queer kids and youth making videos and other media
  • what it means when we say "youth"
  • alternate forms of collectives across age and identity
  • rural and urban forms of queer affiliations
  • how to get more teachers involved with LGBT training
  • the challenges surrounding Gay-Straight alliances in schools
  • the "It Gets Better" video project
  • "cyber" bullying and bullying
  • the question of being out in academia
  • the separation and conflation between (1) the production of media by queer people (including youth), (2) queer pedagogies and approaches and teaching queer history/theory, (3) queer people themselves
  • differences in disciplines - the relative friendliness of the humanities and bigger challenges in social sciences, education, sciences, etc.
  • so many other things!
It was an awesome group, full of folks from different projects and disciplines, and we're organizing to create panels at future DML events **and** other conferences, including more disciplinary conferences. If you are interested in joining us, you can:
  • follow our new hashtag on Twitter! #QueerDML
  • email fiona.barnett AT to get on our mailing list
  • comment below or blog about your own efforts in this field!



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Wow - one day out and we've received a ton of requests for more information and how to join the group! I think we'll start a listserv somewhere, so that we're not sending emails to 100 different people at once. Stay tuned for more info, or email me at the address above (or message me here on HASTAC) to be added!