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wave goodbye to Google Wave

Dear Wave,

You had some cool features, and I'll never forget boogeying to Janelle Monae (using the cool YouTube visualization) with Cathy Davidson during our Virtual HASTAC conference. But you were also incredibly counter-intuitive and didn't let me move around those blips! And don't even get me started on all of the plug-in type features. Probably 50% of the Waves had at least four people going, "is anyone here?" because your interface was puzzling even to well-versed tech folks. Oh well. Our relationship was short-lived and sort of forgettable and this is truly one of those times when I can safely say, "it's not me, it's you!"

Best of luck with the ebb and flow of life, dear Wave. 

Good tidings to you,



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Maybe Buzz is next? Most of the posts I see on Buzz tend to be streamed from Facebook and Twitter, so on the one hand it's a central repository for these different sites, but on the other hand I have to see the same information twice!

I agree - Wave was overly complicated. I wonder if in the future the "good" aspects will be recycled in a better interface/site? We'll see...