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What I'm Learning in Digital Humanities

1. Reflection on what you have learned about yourself and your work habits due to needing to change your syllabus. How does your expectations of what you were going to learn depart from the reality (or match it)? If you encounter similar situations in the future, what would you change to better meet this challenge?

I have learned I may have taken on too much this semester. I'm the kind of person who thinks they can always add one more thing to their schedule. I work full time, own a business, and go to school full time with 5 classes on my courseload. Add to it I've had some medical issues this semester (which keeps rearing it's ugly head every time I try to catch up) it has been far from easy. I'm learning to take everything on my plate one week at a time. When I wrote my syllabus at the start of the semester, I looked it up and down and thought  'I only need to do one course every week and I'd still get done early.' Needless to say, that didn't work out as planned. I set a more realistic goal of finishing the CSS course by the end of this weekend. It's Sunday at 11:00am, and while I did earn two more badges this morning, I may be up late tonight finishing the rest of it. My feeling is if I can reach smaller goals, perhaps I can reach the ultimate goal of finishing this Front-End track by the middle of December.


2. Precise plan about how you are going to design your own technically competent blog due to what you have learned so far. Are you going to customize the CSS in a wordpress theme? What theme would this be? Are you going to use javascript to write something cool, maybe your own widget? into Wordpress? How are you going to demonstrate your skills in your final project?

I've become comfortable with Wordpress and it's funcitionality. If you had asked me about WordPress this time last year I would have no idea what you were talking about. But after having 3 clients specifically request WordPress websites, I had to learn how to function within it quickly. I imagine I will start with a template that fits the overall look I'm going for. (What that will be depends on the client, I suppose). I'll customize fonts and make some layout adjustments with the HTML and CSS skills I've learned from Team TreeHouse. I haven't gotten to Java or widget design yet, but I hope I'll feel comfortable enough to include some of those elements as well.


When designing a site, not only is it important to meet the client's needs - I also try to act like it's a part of my portfolio. I did that for - my company site. It should be a showcase of your talents and skillset. If it's not, how can you say you know how to design a website if your own site doesn't say it for you?


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