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Ben Stokes writes about VozMob: Debrief from our virtual HASTAC 2010 panel

As promised, today the Mobile Voices team presented a virtual conference panel as part of HASTACs Grand Challenges and Global Innovations Conference. It was entirely online.  Our group had never presented virtually before, so below we document a little of the experience and provide some archives.

Here we are, preparing for the session:

(Thats Natalie, Carmen, Manuel, and Sasha.)

Then it was time to begin! We were using a free trial of dimdim webinar to unify our streaming video, prepared slides, and live chat room for simultaneous translation and Q&A.  We made simultaneous use of Google Wave that HASTAC had started for us, plus Twitter via #hastac10 and #vozmob (see visual capture).

To personalize the experience, we began with a video from VozMob volunteer Madelou.   Filmed this week, the video shows the faces of some of the people on the project, bringing real personality to our virtual panel.  Heres the video:

The full experience included chat (see our chat log); and heres the video that combines our slides and voices (youll have to forward past the first 10 minutes of silence):

(Note that there was also a live video stream of the presenters but because DimDim doesnt include this in its archive, we cannot repost it here; but at least you have our voices!)

Feel free to leave comments below or on the wave for this panelThanks again to our participants Alma, Amanda, Benjamin, Carmen, Diana, Madelou, Manuel, Natalie, Sasha, and Veronica!

Original post written by Ben Stokes can be found here.


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