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The suffer of COVID-19

The suffer of COVID-19

My name is Fadi Sobhy, and I am a freshman at New Jersey City University taking an ordinary English class. I am majoring in biomedical engineering. I am so nervous about college and how independent I am expected to be. In addition to being responsible for my own academic career for the next 4 to 5 years, I feel like everything is becoming quite serious. However, I am ready for the challenge; I just need a little time to settle into the college routine and then I will have a better sense of how big this chapter of my life is going to be. 

Regarding the writing prompt, I feel we, as a class, should write this semester about the poor countries around the world. More personally, I think we should write about what some scientists consider to be the most devastating virus in the history of the world, COVID-19.” Even though the whole United States is open without a curfew or mandatory  quarantine, there are still people dying around the world; for example, in Africa, where I was born in Egypt, we have thousands and thousands of poor Egyptians dying every day. Thus I think we should focus more on the poor countries that don’t have the same resources as the U.S. 

Poorer countries don’t have the ability to stop the spread of this coronavirus; in several places, hospitals are at maximum capacity and forced to turn away the sick. I am not only talking about my own country but also about the whole Continent of Africa. Those countries with more resources around the world should help by donating to those in need. Even Egypt donated to Senegal materials that would help them take control over the disease spread. I think it’s important to write about these issues and to think about how we could take care of each other to get through this horrible time that is hurting everyone all around the world. 

As a writer in this class, my strength is that I like to write about topics and learn more about them. I feel more comfortable writing than I do reading. My biggest weakness is when there's a certain number of words or pages or paragraphs that are required.I put all of my ideas in one page or two to three paragraphs then I get stuck trying to fill the space that I left blank. One thing I could work on this semester is learning how to go into more depth and detail to help me fill in the blank spaces.


Fadi Sobhy


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