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Introducing Emma Waldron - Sex, Larp, and Analog Game Studies

Introducing Emma Waldron - Sex, Larp, and Analog Game Studies

Greetings fellow scholars!

My name is Emma, and I am a first-year PhD student in Performance Studies at UC Davis. I’m thrilled to be joining the HASTAC Scholars this year – I look forward to meeting you all and to the stimulating and productive conversations I’m sure will be emerging from this network.

My research interests center around performances of sexuality and sex as performance. I am interested in exploring issues of intimacy, proximity, (in)authenticity and simulation, affect, and embodied knowledge and communication. Currently, I am interested in exploring the ways in which these kinds of questions are played with through the practices of larp, porn, and drag. Larp (live-action role-playing) is the subject that I am currently most focused on, and I am especially interested in the Nordic larp community, which tends to design games that aim to be extremely immersive and emotionally evocative.

Recently, I have also been working on a new, online publication called Analog Game Studies. With this project, we are attempting to challenge the current prevalence in game studies of discussions of computer and video games, and deliberately carve out a space for discussions of games containing a substantial analog component. In the execution of this project, we are also experimenting with new formats for online publishing, community building, and circulation of knowledge. (Also, we are always looking for new submissions, so I hope that some of you may be interested in contributing!)

It has been quite exciting reading through the bios of our incoming class of HASTAC Scholars – I’m looking forward to a thrilling and productive year ahead and can’t wait to see how everyone’s work and exploration will grow and develop.



Hello Emma,

Let me say your idea for Analog Game Studies is wonderful, as someone who loves both game studies, textual history and plays a lot of table and d20 system games, more attention to this is awesome, and a welcome complement to digital game studies.

I myself have a project with some analog game materials right now, but I won't hog the space in your introduction, and will just say welcome and hope we can talk about all things game soon.



Thanks, Nigel, I'm glad you're interested! Look forward to more conversation with you about this topic (and hopefully a submission from you? We want to get these conversations going and growing!)