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Computational Film Studies

So I've been presented with an interesting opportunity. I've become involved with a small research group at RISD that centers around a professor who seems to possess a large database of computationally accessible film frames. The idea is that we are going to use computation *somehow* to investigate these hundreds of files of classic and modern film, and so what I'm curious about are where do I go to find out what contemporary concerns in film studies are? Really the entire experience promises to be one of open ended possibility in the sense that we have data that has been relevant to humanists for some time, we have computers, we have a year to figure out what those two things can do when put together. The technology isn't the problem. We know all about analyzing images and processing frames. The real question is what sort of information is there to capture about the sequence of visual images that comprise a film? If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'll report back if we think of something cool.


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