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HASTAC@Animating Archives

EDIT: There will be no posts forthcoming, as I got quite sick just in time for the conference. Very frustrating.


Conveniently enough, there's a conference at Brown that I can hardly avoid. As such, I'll be attending Animating Archives which is already a HASTAC-recognized event here .


The conference will be about the multifaceted nature of modern "archival" in the form of digital aggregation, tagging, uploading, collecting, etc, and what new archival practices do to alter and highlight the narratives of history for publics and scholars. Some of the central themes seem to be the authority and place of traditional notions of "archival" in light of the mass public participation in various archival practices, and the influence of new conceptions of archival on perceptions of events.

As a computer scientist I'm particularly curious in what facets of the archival technologies out there have been the most enabling of the cultural practices central to the conference, and where else those technologies show up. We shall see.


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