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Conversations about Developing Music Learning Playlists and Process

At one of our playtesting sites, a music teacher shared with us that the learners working with the playlists were sometimes intimidated by the tutorial videos of producers and beat makers online that we shared since the music was polished and professional compared to what the students might start with. We realized that in providing examples that could be aspirational or inspirational, we had not included examples of music in process or professionals discussing the challenges they experienced or music in process. We will be addressing this in future iterations of music learning playlists. In the meantime, the following two videos from March and May give a peek into the process of developing our music learning playlists and what challenges and opportunities we were working through. 

It was a pleasure to speak with fellow grant awardees Paul Allison and Christina Cantrill from the National Writing Project on EdTechTalk’s Teachers Teaching Teachers to discuss issues around music education, connected learning, and the Sound Explorations project for the 6th Digital Media and Learning Competition. Paul and Allison worked on NWP’s Sandboxes for Learning project so the conversations addressed some of the opportunities and challenges around designing Connected Learning Playlists. Thanks to Paul and Christina for hosting me in these enjoyable conversations!

May 10 2017

March 1 2017



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