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Badges Competition Grantee | SweetWater AQUAPONS: Progress Note for June

As a group, we meet once a week to check in on outstanding tasks and plan out our next week's to-dos. So what did we accomplish this week?

Team Update: Our team met today to discuss finding the right technical partner for this project. We are going to use a Call for Bid or RFI (Request for Information) which outlines our major objectives and expectations. By using this process, we should get a wide range of responses from qualified vendors. This will give us the best range of options and also begin setting project expectations early on.

Methodology for Learning: One of the unique aspects of the AQUAPONS project is the use of constructive methodology, or allow self-guided learning paths. This allows the learner to have full control over their experience. By giving learners that level of control, we expect they will be more engaged in the topics and the learning process.

Open Badge Goings On: The AQUAPONS technical team has been keeping track of conversations happening on the OpenBadges Google Group. Lots of great topics and good technical discussion going on. We feel the OBI architecture is both simple and sound for current use. Our UX specialist Georgia also found the upcoming UX changes to the OBI interesting, as it presents us with the challenge of integration the Badge Backpack and Backpack registration into an AQUAPONS learner experience. More on that as the project progresses. :)

One thing is certain: the AQUAPONS team wants to ensure that our badge experience brings value to our learners, and that their experience with the OBI is aligned with other badge experiences. The conference in September and ongoing conversations on Google Groups and Twitter are really helpful to make sure we keep up with badge happenings.


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