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How Much Does It Cost to Make It to a Conference?

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Élika Ortega and I have put together a short survey that looks into expenses and sources of funding for conference attendance using the upcoming DH2014 as a case study.

We hope some of you will help us by responding to it.

For more information on the project, please take a minute to read the text preceding the survey.

How Much Does It Cost to Make It to a Conference?




What a great idea, Ernesto.


And on that note, we are starting to hear the preliminary plans for HASTAC 2015 in East Lansing, MI, next year, hosted by Michigan State, and I was just ecstatic when they unveiled some incredibly inexpensive dorm plans for accommodations.   I don't know if it really will work out but they are trying for one package that would be possibly even as low as $50 a day, dorm room and meals at what is a quite delicious student-run cafeteria.   If they can really pull this off, this will fulfill the HASTAC dream of privileging junior next-generation scholars by making the conference affordable.   Go, MSU!  


Thank you, Cathy. I think it's very important students are able (i.e. are able to afford) to attend conferences, including major international ones. The MSU initiative sounds great.