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Transitions 4 Schedule

Transitions 4 poster 2013
Via the Transitions team:
Click here for a slightly revised schedule for Transitions 4 - we've had to shift some chairs around.  We have two wonderful keynotes lined up; from Dr. Ann Miller (University of Leicester) on issues of translating Francophone scholarship, and Dr. Paul Williams (University of Exeter) on the potential applications of Franco Moretti's distant reading for comics studies. 
Dr. Roger Sabin will act as respondent in the main lecture hall, and this year we're pleased to have Dr. Ernesto Priego acting as respondent for the parallel sessions.  Both will be feeding back on the papers they've heard in the plenary at the end of the day. 
As in previous years we are in the main building at Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street  [PDF] (entrance via Torrington Square - number 1 on the map).  Registration is outside lecture room B35 in the basement.  We will stay in B35 for introductions, the first keynote, and the first panel.  Following coffee, parallel panels will run in G15 on the ground floor - please double check which room you are in.  We'll return to B35 for the second keynote at 4PM, and the concluding plenary.  Don't worry if this is all confusing - we will be on hand to make sure you get you need to be.
No free conference coffee this year, but there's an airport style Costa lounge on the ground floor, and we still have a free wine reception.  It's own arrangements for lunch, and as it's Bloomsbury there are no shortage of nearby cafes.  For convenience, we recommend the Cafe in the Garden in Russell Square Park, or any of the numerous eateries on Store Street.  Both are within easy walking distance.
If anyone is need of accommodation we recommend that you have a look at this webpage for details of accommodation around Birkbeck.  Scroll down for a list of hotels.  Unfortunately, due to limited funds we are unable to contribute to any costs. 
Finally, Joe Sacco is appearing at Central Saint Martins in the evening discussing his new book, The Great War, with Paul Gravett.  The venue is within walking distance from Birkbeck - just on the other side of King's Cross, so if want to forego the free wine you should have plenty of time to get there.  Please note that this is a separate ticketed event.  Full details are available at the Comica website.  Sacco is also appearing at the London Review of Books bookshop on Monday 29th. 


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