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Mapa HD: Mapping Digital Humanists, in Spanish

Mapa HD: Mapping Digital Humanists, in Spanish


My colleagues Élika Ortega and Silvia Gutiérrez have launched a site for their Mapa HD project. (HD stands for 'humanidades digitales', needless to say 'digital humanities' in Spanish).

This is a project that originated during the DíaHD (Day of Digital Humanities in Spanish and Portuguese).

Élika and Silvia are working together across borders and time zones mapping who and where digital humanists are through a survey and visualisations of the survey results.

Interestingly, though the project is completely in Spanish, it does not seem to focus only on Spanish-language digital humanities, so digital humanitsts working in other languages (that know Spanish or at least can interpret a Google translate version) could also participate.

I am very excited about this grassroots project which is inclusive, generous and diverse.

Go check it out!



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