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Call for Submissions: Special Collection on 100 Years of Krazy Kat

Call for Submissions: Special Collection on 100 Years of Krazy Kat

On 13th October 1913, George Herriman’s Krazy Kat – one of the most outstanding comic strips ever created – was first published in The New York Evening Journal. Krazy Kat initiated a whole new way of thinking about comics, and today it continues to amaze and challenge artists, critics and fans. A wide range of scholarship published since the mid-1990s (e.g.  Blackmore 1997; Amiran 2000; Baetens 2011; Stein 2012) indicates both ongoing interest and the potential for new interventions.  

Herriman took a simple premise – the conflict between Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp – and developed it for over 30 years, testing the limitations of the medium and creating a complex universe that few authors or artists have equalled. Herriman’s construction of Krazy Kat’s panels and his manipulation of time and space demanded a way of reading that helped elevate comics to the status of “art” and made Krazy Kat an iconic and inspirational strip.

To kickstart its new era as an open access journal published by Ubiquity Press, The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship ( is celebrating the centenary of this iconic strip’s first appearance with a special collection of academic essays dedicated to Krazy Kat.

We welcome submissions from graduate students, scholars, artists, teachers, curators, researchers, publishers and librarians from any academic, disciplinary or artistic background interested in the study and/or practice of comics or other related cultural expressions. Submissions can cover any thematic field and approach as long as they fulfill The Comics Grid’s editorial guidelines,  available here.  (

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Krazy Kat and modernism; its influence on later comics and animation; Herriman’s visual and narrative aesthetics; the use of language and slang; politics and Herriman’s work; Krazy Kat, comics, and newspapers; Krazy Kat across the world, etc.

This special call for submissions will remain open until 1st October 2013.

More information, here.


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