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Digital Transformations: Visualising the #digitrans Backchannel

Digital Transformations: Visualising the #digitrans Backchannel

On Monday 19th November 2012 I attended the Digital Transformations Moot organised by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in London.

My colleague Sarah Quinnell and I participated in the ‘Yack Space’ with a ten-minute flash presentation on our Networked Researcher project (see link above). You can view our presentation's slides here.

The event was live-streamed and live-tweeting was not only allowed but openly and vocally encouraged and promoted. The Twitter backchannel was very active, interacting at all times with what was happening IRL.

The following morning I used Martin Hawksey‘s TAGSExplorer to create a visualisation of a Google spreadsheet archive of the #digitrans tweets.

I wrote a post about it, where you can see the visualisation and some metrics, on my blog, here.


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