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Call for Participation: Relaunching Networked Researcher

Call for Participation: Relaunching Networked Researcher



After a forced hiatus my colleage Sarah and I have re-launched Networked Researcher.

HASTAC has been an incredible inspiration; for me it is proof that collaborative open access online publishing platforms are a great way of empowering people of all ages, levels, and disciplines in academia to engage critically and practically with digital technologies and in so doing advance their academic careers. 

We've both been very busy relaunching (that's the verb...) our post-PhD professional lives, facilitating blogging, social media and e-learning training all over the place and thinking hard about where to take Networked Researcher next.

Networked Researcher resulted from Sarah's PhD research at King's College London and from discussions with fellow graduate students, early career researchers and academics on Twitter. 

Yes, there are already more online publishing platforms and social networking sites than we can even keep track of. Who needs another one?

But Networked Researcher is a pioneering project within the UK context.  We feel that the UK still lags behind other countries in terms of voluntary academic engagement with online technologies. It was not motivated by institutional funding (it hasn't got any) and it is a truly grassroots online collaborative site that aims to follow and develop sustainable content and best practice.

In our view UK social media enthusiasts within academia require more networking platforms where their work is appreciated, shared and discussed, and where they don't feel like they are alone in their academic interest for social media.

But Networked Researcher is not limited to UK participation; in fact our network is already international. 

So that's it, we want you to contribute to our blog, dedicated to the specialised discussion of social media for research and researcher development, and to network with us in our online workspace.

Participating is easy and there are several ways in which you can do it. You'll find all about it in our Join Us (How to Contribute) page

I have also set up a new basic online workspace as an extra to the blog in order to offer a more interactive (even if humbly limited) platform where to encourage potential collaborations that are not as huge and potentially intimidating as a whole blog article or engaged discussion on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I spent several working days labouring on an internal guidance document to help contributors navigating our WordPress dashboard and in following good blogging practices; we hope that Networked Researcher can anttract those that are not yet fluent in blogging but would like to learn. 

So feel free to click away, and please join us!



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