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CFS: Oral (Audio) Histories of Comics Scholarship

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Oral Histories of Comics Scholarship


We are starting a new section on this journal dedicated to archiving and sharing digital files of audio recordings of conference papers on comics and scholarly interviews with members of the comics community. At the beginning we will focus on audio recordings in the English language. (Audio recordings in other languages could be transcribed and translated in the future if funding is found). 

Titled "Oral (Audio) Histories of Comics Scholarship", the project hopes to crowdsource digital recordings or digital surrogates of analogue audio recordings of conference papers or scholarly interviews that the comics scholarship community might have in their personal collections. 

It is hoped that should there be a positive response from the scholarly comics community, this resource will provide important research material and help us locate, compare and quantify different versions of scholarly texts and the relationships between oral conference presentations and published articles and/or books, etc. 

Should there be a positive response, sustainability and preservation would be a major concern. We have been looking into oral history metadata standards from the Oral History Association, and the Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard from the Library of Congress in the U.S. For the last few years we have also been inspired by the Oral History collections and activities at the British Library.

The British Library has an excellent research resources site which we have found particularly helpful. We were also particularly encouraged by the work of my colleagues Anne Welsh and Julianne Nyhann through their Hidden Histories Computing and the Humanities c.1949–1980 oral history digital humanities project at University College London.

There are of course all sorts of technical, legal and ethical considerations to be taken into account. All content will be shared under Educational Fair Use and licensed with Creative Commons.

This initiative is as yet unfunded. We will actively look for relevant parties and schemes interested in funding a digital history project like the one we propose here. If you are an academic who has a similar project, idea or means of locating relevant sources of funding for a digital open access project like this one please do contact us; we are interested in collaboration and avoiding the duplication of efforts. Should you be interested in contributing to this project, please do leave your contact details and we will contact you as soon as we can.



Tim Causer, Justin Torra, & Valerie Wallace (2012). Transcription maximized; expense minimized? Crowdsourcing and editing The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham Literary and Linguistic Computing, 27 (2) DOI: 10.1093/llc/fqs004


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