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"A comics classroom without walls"

"A comics classroom without walls"


Over at the Comics GridKathleen Dunley presents her comics course at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona. It will be an open-entry/asynchronous online class to be offered under the “Topics in American Literature” umbrella, focusing on North American works. 

Her latest 'Meta' post at the Grid is her call to discuss the process and develop a community. I am sure it will be interesting for the members of the Visual Storytelling group!

Dr Kathleen Dunley is, like me, a co-editor of The Comics Grid, a peer-edited web journal of comics scholarship. Kathleen's work focuses on the cultural legitimacy of comics, reception studies, and comic art history. She has also designed courses on the Graphic Novel and Comic Art History. She is presently the Faculty Chair of English, Reading, and Creative Writing at Rio Salado.

You can follow her on Twitter @KathleenDunley.


[If you missed the link to her post amongst the many up there, please click here!]


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