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Rheingold & HASTAC Scholars: Participatory Learning Forum

You'll soon be seeing and hearing from the HASTAC Scholars all over our HASTAC site (and on HASTAC's other sites - on Ning, on Facebook, on YouTube, etc.). We'll be kicking off the Scholars Program the week of August 25th, and we hope you will join us for our inaugural HASTAC Scholars discussion forum.

WHAT: A vlog & discussion with social networking pioneer Howard Rheingold on "Participatory Learning"

WHO: All of HASTAC. The discussion will be led by HASTAC Scholars Joshua McVeigh-Schultz from UC-Santa Cruz, working in conjunction with Howard Rheingold.

WHEN: Starting the week of August 25th

WHERE: here on (links will be on the homepage)

HOW: Everyone will be welcome to join in on the conversation via a regular discussion post, or by adding a vlog yourself using Seesmic.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Howard Rheingold. He's beenan influential voice in new media from the earliest days, and his booksinclude TheVirtual Community (1993) and Smart Mobs: The NextSocial Revolution (2003). He was one of the winners of the 2007 HASTAC/Mac Arthur Foundation Digital Media & LearningCompetition with his project for creating a Social Media Classroom. Among his rather mind-boggling forays and projects, Howard also teaches a course on "Participatory Media/Collective Action" at UC Berkeley's School of Information, making us even more excited about getting to pick his brain on the topic of "participatory learning" (which happens to be the emphasis of the 2008 HASTAC/Mac Arthur Foundation Digital Media & Learning Competition, which will be launching this month). Howard also has a pretty fabulous collection of painted shoes.

While we would love for all of you to join in the discussion at some point, HASTAC Scholar Joshua McVeigh-Schultz will lead the way. Josh is a MFA candidate in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz who uses online tools to rethink political engagement and performance. He is currently developing a (many-to-one) crowd-sourcing interview tool in order to reexamine the structure of a traditional one-to-one interview. His MA thesis is focused on testimony and identity management in the Japanese social networking site: mixi. Josh is also an experimental documentary filmmaker whose work examines "voice" and identity in restaurant work, bathroom graffiti, death and bilingualism.

We hope you will all want to participate as we collectively try to learn about (and to help define and even create) the rather enigmatic subject: "participatory learning." Join us for this collective experiment!

[Special thanks to Joi Ito for this great image of Howard Rheingold, posted onhis Flickr photostream. Please click on the image for more photos andfulldocumentation.]


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I can't imagine a better way to discuss all the meanings and possibilities for participatory learning than with a Seesmic vlog-to-vlog conversation between Howard Rheingold (who was there first!) and Josh McVeigh-Schultz, our first official HASTAC Scholar event. I'm thrilled. Thank you, Erin, for organizing this.


By the way, we're primed to launch the 2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition on Monday, August 18: wish us luck!