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Poetic Grist and Digital Voiceplay

I’m in my third year as a Ph.D. student in English (Rhetoric and Composition) at the University of Pittsburgh. This year, I’m serving as a DM@P (Digital Media at Pitt) Fellow, teaching digital composing, and developing a creative-critical project that speaks on / in / through the materiality of digitally mediated voice.

Because of the nature of my work (and because I’m excited by modes of communication and creativity that (re)fuse the division between content and form more generally) I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself not only in writing, but also in voice. 

So if you have approximately 4 ½ minutes to kill, or are curious to match a (digital) voice to a (digital) face, have a listen. 

I’m really excited to (finally*) be joining in this conversation!

Poetic Grist and Digital Voiceplay from Erin R. Anderson on Vimeo.

* My apologies for chiming in so late. I was holding out for a better way to post audio, but for now, Vimeo will have to do. Just close your eyes and remember: you’re not missing anything.



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