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Here I Am?

Hi all! I'm Eric Detweiler, a PhD candidate specializing in rhetoric at The University of Texas at Austin. This is my second year as a part of HASTAC. Broadly speaking, I'm interested in rhetoric and writing pedagogy, rhetorical theory, ethics, and multimodal composition. My dissertation takes up ethical and rhetorical issues surrounding the authority relation between teachers and students of rhetoric, looking at how that relation gets troped and structured in both historical and current scenes of pedagogy.

I'm also an assistant director in UT's Digital Writing and Research Lab. My past projects in the lab include helping to design and implement an alternate reality game for use in undergraduate rhetoric and writing courses (the team wrote an article about it that's located here) and heading up a podcast on rhetoric and technology. Additionally, I'm currently finishing a project that uses various aggregation and visualization tools to track disciplinary citation practices.

Perhaps more interestingly, I like small fluffy dogs, running, and finding new ways to prepare beans and rice. I'm impressed by everyone else's remarkable work and look forward to being part of this community!

More details on me and my projects at my website.


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