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Hello, (HASTAC) World!

My name is Erica Holan Lucci, and I am a sixth year PhD in Education student at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, studying the interplay of teacher and gamer identity.  My dissertation work looks explicitly at how, if at all, teachers' gamer identities impact their pedagogical practices in their classroom settings.  As someone who considers myself to be a pretty hardcore gamer, I wanted to study others who had the same drive and ambition to make school and learning more appealing for those students who may otherwise be disengaged from the day-to-day classroom monotony.  My belief is that games can provide affordances in a multitude of ways for gains in student learning outcomes, and who better to implement game-oriented learning practice than those teachers who consider themselves gamers?  

In addition to my dissertation studies, I am also a full-time Lecturer and the head of the Composition Program at Kean University (Union, NJ) in the School of English Studies. Further, I've been the longest participating staff member in the Kean University Writing Project (since the site's inception in 2007).  I'm currently the KUWP's Assistant Director.  Since 2011, I've taught the graduate level online course "Web-Based Mutlimedia Design for Educators" at Rutgers University.  I created this course and two others with a cohort of researchers under the guidance of my academic advisor, Erica Boling.  The three courses in combination form the basis for a Certificate in Educational Technlogy recognized by the state of NJ.  

My personal time is dedicated to two other projects near and dear to my heart: Teachers@Play and TheRusticPrimCottage.  The former is a small business I created in the spirit of sharing gaming practices with other educators (namely via professional development workshops).  Most recently, however, we have been working with students in after-school groups to introduce them to game design (exposing them to the concepts of systems-based thinking, aesthetic principles, narrative structure, and other STEAM-oriented skills).  The latter, TheRusticPrimCottage, is home to my Etsy shoppe, where I sell my handmade primitive crafts, with particular attention to wedding decor.

My personal website,, houses my academic portfolio as well as links to my professional and personal endeavors.  Feel free to peruse it at your leisure.

I look forward to getting to know the newest cohort of my fellow HASTAC Scholars!  

Erica :)


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