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Contemporary Black Writers

Contemporary Black Writers


In Fall 2017, I'm teaching Contemporary Black Writers at BMCC.  This is a Writing Intensive course designed for second-year community college students.  The topics of the course include everything from genre to identity, intersectionality to nature poems.  My hope is to demonstrate the diversity of voice within a community that is sometimes assumed to be narrow in content and expressive form.  We are a varied and wonderous people.  Please feel free to follow up with me during or after fall semester to find out how it went.  This is the most excited I have ever been about planning and executing a course!




Hi Erica,

This looks like a great course--I wish I were taking it! I just wanted to take a moment and share with you some resources I used to design a very similar course a few years ago. The first is a poetry collection called Bum Rush the Page edited Russel Simmons and Louis Reyes Rivera. I love this book because it presents such a wide array of poetic styles and themes. I paired it with various episodes of Def Poetry Jam (most available on youtube) to demonstrate the differences between print, oral, and digital media. Students had a lot of fun with this approach and it broke up the monotony of only engaging with the literature in a textual format. If this sounds like something you might like to incoporate let me know and I can dig up the syllabus for you.

Good luck with your course and enjoy!



Your course sounds fabulous.  Thank you.  I'll make sure Erica sees your comment!



Hi Erica. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for these incredibly thoughtful reflections on the pedagogical decisions behind everything on your syllabus. I'm putting together sample syllabi for some proposed courses and I found myself getting stuck/repeatedly running up against walls, but your mode of thinking in the reflections was able to help me get unstuck and get my creative juices flowing again. Thank you! Your students are so lucky to have you.