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Is technology the new driving force behind creating lifelong learners?

"With the technological rate of change, jobs will require a life long commitment to learning."

This quote was taken form an article written by Laysha Ward called, "Re-Imagining Learning: Digital and Physical Convergence"  She explores the potential of what some are now calling "blended learning."  The blended model is a step towards differentiated and personalized learning that can take place anywhere, anytime, and at the students own pace.  This model also provides teachers with the opportunity to make the lessons a "more engaging and relevant experience" by allowing students to learn skills through content they are personally interested in, with more potential for creating lifelong learners.  

This article struck a cord with me because we have the ability to provide students with this blended model approach to education thanks to the 1:1 initiative.  The possibilities of designing learning environments that are student centered, meaningful and authentic are endless.  No longer are teachers the person in the room with the most knowledge or information on a topic.  A student can look up those same facts we spent years memorizing in less than 1 second on the internet.  What matters now is what we teach our students do with those facts in terms of analyzing, evaluating, and the creation of new knowledge. The role of the teacher is changing, and that means that ours jobs too require a lifelong commitment to learning.

The author goes on to say, "we know that digital tools are here to stay. Why wouldn't we harness the power of these tools to reimagine learning for a new generation?"  It's a very exciting time to work in education, and the next couple of years are not going to be easy, but we are in a great place to provide our students with the skills that they need to be ready for anything that life throws at them after high school.  While technology may be the driving force for students to be lifelong learners, students are the reason why teachers are committed to learning for a lifetime.  

Click here to read the rest of Laysha Ward's article.   


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