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FSDW15 Introduction

Hello, and sorry for the late intro! I’m Elissa Zellinger and I’m a Lecturer of English at Armstrong State University. I’m workshopping an article about E. Pauline Johnson, a Canadian Mohawk poet, and her performances on the Chautauqua Circuit in the early twentieth century. My piece examines why Johnson “played” Indian and how this reflects on notions of Indianness, poetry, and performance at the time. I’d like to think the piece is nearly finished, and I’m looking for general feedback, and anything that make this argument sharper – something I’ve overlooked, a missed connection, a vague spot. I’ve been too close to it for too long, so I’m interested in what outside readers might notice.

I’m also interested in Open Access publishing, digital pedagogy, and innovative methods of peer review. I’m very excited to participate in my first FSDW! 


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