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Religion in education

     Religion is an important factor in education for various amounts of reasons. For instance, students learning and being taught about religion will allow them to have a better concept about what is going on amoungst the world, dealing with different religions. Along with being more open minded about other peoples religions and beliefs instead of just focusing on their own religions, and acknowledging others. Religious education is easily ignored when it comes to teaching it in schools. People feel that religion does not to be discussed, assuming that it could offend someone and their own beliefs. When religion is brought up in eduaction we seem to ignore it and not appreciate it the way that we should. It gets merged in with citizenship and social studies, instead of talking about it separatley. Students should be taught about religion, it can teach students valuable ways of thinking that can help them throughout life. Religion is a key concept and helps broaden peoples knowledge about the different types of cultures around us. There are so many different types of religions, that is necessary for us to have an understanding and idea of the other religions that people are apart of and value. 


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